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How to make it a football day?

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

2012 NFL season is underway. As a t-shirt aficionado and a football fan forever, I always wondered why the NFL games were on Sundays. Well we have high school games on Friday nights. Why it is exactly like that, I cannot tell but I heard the theory that a Friday night game allows Saturday homecoming dance. Then, Saturday is our college game day. It appears that the reason might be that campus life is interruptible on a Saturday and most students go back to studying on Sunday afternoons. This left Sundays to NFL. I think the other reason is that many people do not work on Sundays and they can keep watching games spread over on entire Sunday afternoon.   So for a real football fan, important days of the week start with Friday and end on Monday night.  Now, has a great collection of NFL team t-shirts to make your Sunday a warm and good looking football Sunday.