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Irish, St. Patrick, Shamrock, Green, Leprechaun, and Beer?

March 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Have you ever wondered how all these things are related to each other? As we loaded up our St Patrick Day T-Shirts, I did a little research, and here it goes: St Patrick had an interesting early life. He was born as British-Roman and was kidnapped by Irish at age sixteen.  After escaping he became a priest and went back to Ireland to advance Christianity to Irish, who were polytheist back then.  Now the tricky part, he used a Shamrock to explain the Trinity concept.  I do not think he related beer and shamrock in his teachings, but fortunately for beer lovers, a shamrock represents the Irish taste today for dark or light beer, warm-blooded Irish women, and a jolly good time at the nearest pub. Green is known to first have shown in the uniforms of the soldiers in the 1798 rebellion on March 17th.  Since then this day is known and celebrated by the Irish as the St. Patrick day. It is a national Holiday in Ireland and that starts explaining the beer. Now, how about that Leprechaun?  Well, I learned that these fairy tale characters were already in Irish folk tales but the combination of Leprechaun and beer provide a nice opportunity to explain what happens when you take in more beer than enough!   At, we love the St. Patrick day, Irish, and Beer themed t-shirts. if you are getting ready to hit the nearest pub with your best Irish or Irish-loving friends, we have the t-shirts for you. Here are a few new irish t-shirts at the store:

Full Blooded Irish T-Shirt


Is it true that beer drinkers have advanced sense of humor?

March 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Let us define beer first, scientifically: term for fermented alcoholic beverages made from cereal grains that have been converted to malt. Beer may be brewed from several kinds of high-starch grains. In the United States, beer is generally made from malted barley while in Japan it is brewed from rice. African tribes make beer from grains native to their regions, such as teff, millet, or grass seeds. Russians use rye bread to prepare their beer, called quass or kvass. Given that definition, if you are like me, most of us do not care about how it is brewn but we care about where it lands in our body. If you are one of those individuals, who need one or two mugs before you feel funny, there are shirts that will help along the way. One of our favorites talk to the subject directly by saying Beer is Dinner. Once you are past the dinner time, it is time to think other food groups in your food pyramid which really start with full mugs at he bottom.  Yo can also show your good taste in beer with a Coors or a Red Stripe beer t-shirt.  Here are a few other Beer Shirts with more humor:

Beer TeeBeer t_Shirt