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X-Men Wolverine ends up where? Well, he is huge in Japan!

Has there ever been a hero like the Wolverine? A man with the mind of a human and senses of an animal, a human who can heal at superhuman speed and is virtually immortal? And a man who, due to those very life-lengthening attributes, feels such great pain at the loss of those he loves that it digs into the depths of his very soul?
Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) will take on the bad guys with a vengeance to protect those he cares about, and must do so in this movie. His enemies are strong, too, however, and he’s in for a fight that will show he does have a vulnerable side. There are both physical and emotional limits to be tested, and his foes are more than willing to step up to take him on.
In what seems a complicated plot, Logan is hired to protect Yukio (Rita Fukushima) due to a possible gangland war. Yukio is an assassin who works for Shingen Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi), who isn’t exactly a pal to Wolverine. Then there’s Mariko Yashida (Tao Okamoto), Shingen’s daugher, who’s trying to decide between her love for our hero and her dad. Yukio also develops an attachment for Logan, so we’re looking at a very interesting triangle. Added to that, there’s Noburo Mori (Brian Tee), a minister of justice who’s about as corrupt as they come, who’s Mariko’s fiance. And into the mix comes Viper (Svetlanda Khodchenkova), a very bad gal who not only wants to hunt down Wolverine but also can’t be harmed by toxins.
There’s one more interesting character to consider. It’s Jean Gray (Famke Janssen), who died in X-Men: The Last Stand. She’s there to help Logan deal with his issues, and does he ever have some issues. Intriguing, huh?
The movie takes place mainly in Japan, where most of it was filmed by Jackman’s company, Seed Productions. And if that action makes you want to show the world your admiration for Wolverine, take a look at our tees about the movie. They’re sure to make you want to wear them day and night. Just not in a dark alley…

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Logan Wolverine

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