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How to make it a football day?

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

2012 NFL season is underway. As a t-shirt aficionado and a football fan forever, I always wondered why the NFL games were on Sundays. Well we have high school games on Friday nights. Why it is exactly like that, I cannot tell but I heard the theory that a Friday night game allows Saturday homecoming dance. Then, Saturday is our college game day. It appears that the reason might be that campus life is interruptible on a Saturday and most students go back to studying on Sunday afternoons. This left Sundays to NFL. I think the other reason is that many people do not work on Sundays and they can keep watching games spread over on entire Sunday afternoon.   So for a real football fan, important days of the week start with Friday and end on Monday night.  Now, has a great collection of NFL team t-shirts to make your Sunday a warm and good looking football Sunday.

Shirts can be politically correct!

September 1, 2012 Leave a comment

2012 Elections are just around the corner.  It will be an interesting battle between Mitt Romney and the President Obama. Whatever your political affiliation is, one way to show your support and mess up with the other party is to put on one of these politically correct t-shirts from

Keep the Change Obama t-shirtANti Obama t-shirt

Team ObamaObama T-ShirtI love Obama