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Think Summer, Think Funny Tee Shirts!

As summer approaches, one of the best ways top prepare for it is to think about the weekend parties you will go to.  If you want to look funny and create topics for conversations, you can pick from a whole bunch of funny tee shirts we carry in our store. If you have a sarcastic sense of humor and are not really afraid of being politically incorrect, then you have many options.  For example, if you like to mess with Chinese friends, there is a funny tee shirt that says “Confucius say, you number won“.  If you like to talk about gym, biceps, and hard bodies, our Gym Bob t-shirt will nicely set you up with enough to show and talk. for the Irish in you, there is a lot to talk about anyways! Just to add to your Irish spirit, there is a shirt with a huge beer mug – it will be hard to miss for anyone else, the shirt says “Drink Till you Think You are Irish!” Here are some of our staff favorite funny tees:

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