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What makes a shirt funny?

As you go shopping around the net, you will see funny shirts all over the place. There is something for every taste and any sense of humor. Our favorites though are those funny, witty one-line sentences which kind of give away what kind of person you might be. For example, you like to smile regardless you understand it or not, then you will appreciate a t-shirt that says on it, I am Smiling Because I have No Idea. As another example, if you are around people whom you do not care much about, you cam make it clear by wearing a tee that says “Don’t be fooled, I just act like I care” If you are looking to let someone know about how far they tend to go, all you have to do to wear the tee that says “Everyone is entitled to be stupid but you are abusing the privilege.”  If you look around the net, you will also find tees that are decorated by offensive and rude comments.  Our scope here are the many other one-liner quotes that are sure to sound smart to someone around you, like those:

Funny One-Liner teeGenius Designed, Idiot Run America

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