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Big Bang or not to be?

Or was it to be or not to be? Or, Big Bang and puffff?  Well, we do not have a physicist like him but Sheldon Cooper makes this TV series going strong but we do have the The Bing Bang Theory shirts that will help anyone look good while communicating one of the memorable moments from the show.  The hit TV sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” features two genius physicist roommates Leonard and Sheldon. There are also Penny, an aspiring actress living across the hall, their good friends Howard and Rajesh, Leslie, Bernadette, and Leonard’s girlfriend Amy. Whether it is Sheldon’s exclamation “Bazinga!” or Howard’s favorite line “I’m a falcon; I hunt better solo”, teesnthings.com has a large collection of The Big Bang Theory shirts that will remind you some of the favorite moments from the hit CBS show.  For example, if you are a fan of Penny, there is plenty to consider: Knock, Knock, Knock Penny or the Soft Kitty song. Whether you agree with the mathematical model that explains how a men arrives at his ideal woman (aka, “The Universe of All Women“) or maintain the same prowess as Sheldon when faced with comical adversity, ie, “I am immune to your sarcasm”, there will be The Big Bang Theory Shirts or a Bazinga! tshirt to help you put it! here are a few samples:

The Big Bang Theory Bazinoga! TshirtThe Big Bang Theory Shirt - Knock Penny The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon Shirt

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